Pastel Supply List

Pastel Painter’s Supply List  for Chris Willey’s Workshop:

Click on link below for pdf supply list:



Buy professional grade materials. Student grade means that there is more filler, less pigment, which makes your job harder, and ultimately, isn’t cheaper. If you can, always buy professional grade.

1. Portable Easel
for plein air painting. Usually, this means that you have a shelf of some sort to place your pastels, and an easel to hold your panel. Cathy Kline Gallery has tables, and you can get by without one.

2. Pastels

Bring what you have. Minimum of 48 colors. The picture above shows the pastel set I brought for a workshop I gave in France. I also brought my watercolors for underpainting. Try to show restraint, and don’t bring your 3000 colors. Generally, you can get by with harder darks, softer lights.

3. Paper
If you have experience with pastel then bring your favorite paper. I prefer Wallis paper or UArt400. I prefer to do a watercolor underpainting, which is not possible with most papers.

4. White plastic eraser

Optional, but for me, quite useful:
5. Watercolors
for underpainting. If you bring watercolors, bring a brush and water container.

6. Rubbing alcohol

7.  Paper/pencil or markers
for notans or thumbnails.
This can be a small sketchbook or index cards.