Figure Studies

Anna with ShawlKent10MinKent10MinKentTim in Folding ChairLeanne, Six Months (20 min)Anna RecliningLeslie Reclining, 20 minutes15 Minute Reclining Woman10 Minute Blond BackJason Seated10 Minute Seated Woman15 Minute Reclining BlondLaura and HatBlonde ReclineDana StandingKent's Back, 20 MinutesKeith SeatedKelly ForeshortenedChristina 20 minuteLaura, 20 minuteLeanne with Blue Stripe5 minute Back25 min BackWoman's Back, 5 minuteLeslie, 5 minute5 Minute BackKent, 2 minuteLeslie, 2 minuteKent, 1 minuteChristina 1 minuteKent's Back, 1 minute
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