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Painting SOLD at the Mid America Pastel Show

Three works were juried in to the MAPS Members Only Juried Show, exhibiting at Southwind Gallery , Topeka, KS, till Aug. 22, 2015. “June Provence Vineyards” sold! Yay!

SOLD! June Provence Vineyards, pastel, 9x12, copyright Chris Willey

SOLD! June Provence Vineyards, pastel, 9×12, copyright Chris Willey

Giverny Spring Corn, pastel, 11x14, copyright Chris Willey

Giverny Spring Corn, pastel, 11×14, copyright Chris Willey

Giverny Bridge, pastel, 11x14, copyright Chris Willey

Giverny Bridge, pastel, 11×14, copyright Chris Willey



Lake Quivera Paint Out

I got to spend Monday, June 9, painting at Lake Quivera. It is heavily populated, with lots going on. The part that interested me the most was the hidden boggy areas that no one paid attention to.

Lake Quivera Wild Side, pastel, 9x12, ©Chris Willey

Lake Quivera Wild Side, pastel, 9×12, ©Chris Willey

Symphony in the Flint Hills

Two works accepted.

Summer Light Patch, oil, 24x24, ©Chris Willey

Summer Light Patch, oil, 24×24, ©Chris Willey

Cumulus oil, 36x36, ©Chris Willey

Cumulus, oil, 36×36, ©Chris Willey

Yes, I know these are cirrus clouds. I will change the title later. Had a brain hiccup.

STEMS Plein Air

Work submitted for the STEMS Plein Air Exhibit. Reception is June 19, 6-8pm @ the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center, 119th and Lowell, Overland Park, KS. Exhibit runs June 19 to July 19, 2015. Working Cat sold before the show. The other two are hanging at Tomahawk Ridge.

Working Cat, oil, 14x11, ©Chris Willey

Working Cat, oil, 14×11, ©Chris Willey

Dappled Sunlight on Craig's Chairs, oil, 14x11, ©Chris Willey

Dappled Sunlight on Craig’s Chairs, oil, 14×11, ©Chris Willey

Lavender by the Pond, pastel, 8x8, ©Chris Willey

Lavender by the Pond, pastel, 8×8, ©Chris Willey

Three Works on Exhibit at Buttonwood Gallery as Part of the Penn Valley Plein Air

I will post photos later. I forgot to shoot photos before I submitted work. I kept making the short list for awards, but alas, no awards. A great show, and I’m pleased I at least was making the short list.

SOLD at Signs of Life Gallery


SOLD! June Flint Hills, pastel, 12×18, ©Chris Willey


SOLD! Summer Light Patch, pastel, 9×9, ©Chris Willey


SOLD! Fall Morning View, oil, 12×12, ©Chris Willey


This is what a snowless winter day looks like at the Berkley Riverfront Park

Berkely Riverfront Park, January, oil, 12x16, ©Chris Willey

Berkley Riverfront Park, January, oil, 12×16, ©Chris Willey

Paris Revisited

When I was in Paris I did some quick sketches in the market and took several photos. It is as difficult as it seems. Market umbrellas would go up and down. Vendors would switch out displays. People would stop to chat. So it seemed I got nothing accomplished. Yet, when I got home, I could look at my sketches, look at my photos, remember those days, and pull together a small, loose market scene.

Paris Market, oil, 12x16, ©Chris Willey

Paris Market, oil, 12×16, ©Chris Willey

Why we plein air

This is the second attempt. I went plein air painting with MVIS last Saturday. I had a great learning day. It had been awhile since I had been out, and there is always a re-learning curve for me. I forgot a few basics in my packing supplies. And I forgot a few basics in painting. I usually do a thumbnail to work out the composition. I didn’t do that. I usually ask myself what it is I’m attracted to. I thought I was interested in the sandbars, and the Kansas City skyline, but as I painted I became more interested in the industrial area. I left Kaw Point liking the paint quality and parts of the painting. I left feeling like I had learned some new things. So I went home, and did it again, while I could still FEEL the day and light. This is the second attempt. It is the same size as my plein air, same paint quality as my plein air, but it is NOT a plein air. And I could not have done this without the plein air. Plein airs don’t always work. Many artists give up because there are so many bad paintings to be made in front of people. But that is how you get to the good paintings. That is one reason why we plein air.

Kaw Point River Front Park, oil, 11x14, ©Chris Willey

Kaw Point River Front Park, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey

Sketch and Final Work

On the web, these look the same size, when in reality, the first is a small oil sketch, and the second is the larger studio piece. The midwest offers beautiful, vast vistas of rolling hills and skies (once you can get out of the vast suburbs).


Cumulus Sketch, oil, 12×12, ©Chris Willey

Cumulus Sketch, oil, 36x36, ©Chris Willey

Cumulus Clouds, oil, 36×36, ©Chris Willey