Sketch and Final Work

On the web, these look the same size, when in reality, the first is a small oil sketch, and the second is the larger studio piece. The midwest offers beautiful, vast vistas of rolling hills and skies (once you can get out of the vast suburbs).


Cumulus Sketch, oil, 12×12, ©Chris Willey

Cumulus Sketch, oil, 36x36, ©Chris Willey

Cumulus Clouds, oil, 36×36, ©Chris Willey

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Larger Studio Piece of Nebraska Soy Field

Fall Morning Soy, oil, 36x36, ©Chris Willey

Fall Morning Soy, oil, 36×36, ©Chris Willey

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Nebraska Fall Soy Field

While visiting my sister in Lincoln, NE, I ran across this beautiful soy field. It was just changing over to pinks, yellows and greens

October Soy Field, oil, 12x12, ©Chris Willey

October Soy Field, oil, 12×12, ©Chris Willey

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Loose Park, Friday, Oct. 24, 2014

Loose Park Bridge -- October, oil, 11x14, ©Chris Willey

Loose Park Bridge — October, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey

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Parkville Plein Air (October)

Quick Paint Winner. English Landing Meadow Bog, oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey

Honorable Mention. Fall View -- National Golf Course Pond, oil, 11x14, ©Chris Willey

Honorable Mention. Fall View — National Golf Course Pond, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey


Fall National Golf Course, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey


Parkville Depot, oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey

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Brush Creek Art Walk

3 days of painting. 6 paintings. 5 with potential. 2 completed. Not bad.

Indians at the Nelson, oil, 11x14, ©Chris Willey

Indians at the Nelson, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey


Urban Marsh, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey

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Gratitudes 7 and 8

Day 8

1. Had to get shots today. Glad they are over.

2. Have my artwork ready to turn in for the Brush Creek Artwalk

3. Had such a lovely breakfast at Eggcetera with my hubby

4. Another good studio day

5. Glad for the rain. My new plantings like it and my rain barrels.


Day 7

1. Glad to have a studio day

2. Lovely to have my weekly lunch with my sister Kathy

3. Oh my, what good dessert at Andres

4. Painting went well today

5. Beautiful day

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Gratitudes day 4, 5, and 6

Day 6

1. Grateful for another day of beautiful painting weather

2. Grateful to have the stamina still to paint two paintings a day (I don’t have the stamina for 3. My back needs a rest between paintings)

3. Grateful for the beginning of fall – my favorite season/

4. Grateful for the comfort of home at the end of the day

5. Grateful that Brush Creek Art Walk is over. When it began I wished it were longer. By day three my body is grateful that it is not.

Day 5

1. Grateful for beautiful weather. This is perfect painting weather.

2. Grateful for some more decent paintings.

3. Grateful that I keep learning more about painting

4. Grateful that my husband is so supportive and takes neglect quite well.

5. Grateful for this day

Day 4

1. Grateful for the Brush Creek Art Walk. Excited to get out painting with all of the other artists.

2. Grateful for warm painting gloves, painting coat (an atrocious bright orange insulated zip hoodie)

3. Grateful that I got some decent work done.

4. Grateful for my warm house at the end of the day

5. While I was painting, the landscaper came by. Grateful to come home to my beautiful front yard. If only I could keep it that way.

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5 Daily Gratitudes, Day 2 and 3

I’m already behind, so here are 10

1. Grateful for my friends Liz and Marcia, who both live in my neighborhood and get me out painting.

2. Grateful for the rain today and tonight. I just had the lawn aerated and seeded — now I don’t have to water.

3. Grateful for the beautiful weather today. It felt quite wonderful

4. Grateful for my friend Paula, who gets me to new restaurants.

5. Grateful for this very walkable neighborhood. It is a pleasure to run errands and get exercise at the same time

6. Grateful that I still can walk fast and furious. I’m usually ahead of everyone. My walking is my favorite exercise

7. Grateful for the beauty of Loose Park nearby. It is so easy to just drop in for a quick nature fix and a quick walk

8. Grateful for my house. I’ve lived in perfectly adequate shelters all my life, but this one I love.

9. Grateful for my studio space. I have great space.

10. Grateful for growth that I have experienced over the years. I hope it continues.

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5 Daily Gratitudes

Today I’m beginning to write down 5 daily gratitudes every day.

1. Grateful for my life as an artist. It has made me smarter and happier every day. It gives me great joy, but also helps me work through life’s issues.

2. Grateful for my husband, Russell. He remains my best friend and supporter. A happy marriage is such a gift.

3. Grateful for my friends. It is good to know there are people in the universe who have your back

4. Grateful for my pets. Such pleasure.

5. Grateful for an income that supports my art habit.

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