My work always begins with direct observation. I try to distill the essence of what attracted me to the subject into my paintings, while allowing the paint and surface to have their own voice. I am attracted to complex patterning, lush colors, beautiful compositions, and solid draftsmanship. The paintings are from observation, but ultimately, the painting takes on a life of its own, so I take liberties with structure, design, pattern, color, and paint that are separate from the observation. I try to allow room for experimentation and discovery through the whole painting process. Ultimately, the painting has its own language and emotion that represents and feels like that moment in time and place.

This method of observing and working makes me hyper-aware of my environment— always looking for the perfect place, season, time, etc., and always aware that these moments, these places in time, are fleeting, and the moment must be seized. Painting is my journal, my exploration, my meditation, my peace of mind. Painting outside is where it all comes to fruition.