Month / July 2016

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  • Yosemite, the undiscovered

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  • Colorado Douglas County Land Conservancy Juried Plein Air 2016

    From June 20 to June 28 I participated in the Douglas County Land Conservancy Plein Air 2016. Here are some of the works I created.

  • Plein Air Workshop at Images

    I taught a plein air workshop at Images Gallery. It was great fun and I had wonderful students.

  • STEMS Plein Air 2016


  • Penn Valley Plein Air 2016

    Work from the Penn Valley Plein Air Event. It is short and sweet. These are the ones exhibited at the Buttonwood Gallery

  • Augusta Plein Air 2016

    I won the Purchase Award for The Sunrise Paint Out (which means I have no photos of the painting other than this.) It was a good painting event for me. Here are my top three.    

  • April 15: Loose Park

    Loose Park Spring Tree, oil, 11x14, ©Chris Willey
  • Spring Painting Begins

    April 15 April 2: Louanne, Peggy and I went painting at Brush Creek. March 16: Painting with Louanne and Liz March 2: Louanne and Marcia show me a new spot