Almost A Paint Over.

October Woodlands, oil, 11x14, ©Chris Willey
October Woodlands, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey

This was done at the Seven Bridges Subdivision as a part of the Parkville Plein Air 2015. I was at first attracted to this small grove of red trees at the top of the hill. Everything else was just filler. As I kept painting the red trees just kept getting in the way, even though that was the reason I picked this spot. The forest area started working and the red trees just looked like a bizarre afterthought. I almost painted over this one, but I kept liking the tree and grass area. One tiny little area of red trees was ruining a good painting, and yet, it was so hard for me to give it up and take them out. Finally, I decided that if I was going to paint over it anyway, just try some different things. Now the background is subordinate rather than competing. Now the background fits with the foreground. Those red trees had to go. Painting saved.

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