Why we plein air

This is the second attempt. I went plein air painting with MVIS last Saturday. I had a great learning day. It had been awhile since I had been out, and there is always a re-learning curve for me. I forgot a few basics in my packing supplies. And I forgot a few basics in painting. I usually do a thumbnail to work out the composition. I didn’t do that. I usually ask myself what it is I’m attracted to. I thought I was interested in the sandbars, and the Kansas City skyline, but as I painted I became more interested in the industrial area. I left Kaw Point liking the paint quality and parts of the painting. I left feeling like I had learned some new things. So I went home, and did it again, while I could still FEEL the day and light. This is the second attempt. It is the same size as my plein air, same paint quality as my plein air, but it is NOT a plein air. And I could not have done this without the plein air. Plein airs don’t always work. Many artists give up because there are so many bad paintings to be made in front of people. But that is how you get to the good paintings. That is one reason why we plein air.

Kaw Point River Front Park, oil, 11x14, ©Chris Willey
Kaw Point River Front Park, oil, 11×14, ©Chris Willey

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