5 Daily Gratitudes, Day 2 and 3

I’m already behind, so here are 10

1. Grateful for my friends Liz and Marcia, who both live in my neighborhood and get me out painting.

2. Grateful for the rain today and tonight. I just had the lawn aerated and seeded — now I don’t have to water.

3. Grateful for the beautiful weather today. It felt quite wonderful

4. Grateful for my friend Paula, who gets me to new restaurants.

5. Grateful for this very walkable neighborhood. It is a pleasure to run errands and get exercise at the same time

6. Grateful that I still can walk fast and furious. I’m usually ahead of everyone. My walking is my favorite exercise

7. Grateful for the beauty of Loose Park nearby. It is so easy to just drop in for a quick nature fix and a quick walk

8. Grateful for my house. I’ve lived in perfectly adequate shelters all my life, but this one I love.

9. Grateful for my studio space. I have great space.

10. Grateful for growth that I have experienced over the years. I hope it continues.

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Kathleen Connorsreply
September 11, 2014 at 01:09 AM

Very nice – thanks for sharing

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