Penn Valley 3 day Plein Air Event

3 days of plein air paintng at Penn Valley Park. Phil Starke was the juror. Exhibition took place at the Buttonwood Gallery. 6 paintings. 3 stinkers. But that means that 3 turned out. Only 2 that I’m willing to post.

Some of the reasons I love plein air —

1. It is amazing to see how others interpret/design/paint the same scene

2. I learn from other artists

3. I meet other artists

4. I’m out in nature

5. It keeps me growing


Willow Among the Grasses, oil, 14x11, ©Chris Willey
Willow Among the Grasses, oil, 14×11, ©Chris Willey
Willow By The Bridge, oil, 11×14©Chris Willey

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