Traveling with Art Supplies

This weekend I went to Indianapolis and I packed all of my art supplies that I thought I would need. I learned some valuable lessons that will serve me well on some later, longer, airplane trips this year.

The biggest thing I’m discovering is you have to pack for who you are and where you are at. I am NOT a 6’2″ strong young man who can carry lots and walk forever. I’m a 5’4″ 61 year old woman who is in good shape, but I don’t have the legs, heart, lungs, strength of a young man. I always see those people as the spokesperson for what to pack.

I took pastels on this trip. Whenever I see what people pack for workshops, they have a nice wooden box with lots of colors. Pastelists LOVE their colors. I have been very proud of how much I edited down my color selection. This selection would be fine if I had just a little walking to do. But it will not be working for my long trip, where I like to walk around and look at the scenery before I decide. I will not have the luxury of driving to a spot and unloading. I discovered that my very edited down selection was still pretty darned heavy if I was doing much lugging around. So I have edited down quite severely.

Pastel Boxes, gradually downsizing
Small box of edited pastels.
Slik F740 Tripod, Easel Butler Shelf, plastic box lid, Coulter Easel Holder, 11x14 paint panel, box of pastels.
Slik F740 Tripod, Easel Butler Shelf, plastic box lid, Coulter Easel Holder, 11×14 paint panel, box of pastels.

I’m going to take a piece of gatorboard for a rigid backing, several sheets of UArt 400 or Wallis paper. I’m taking 11×14 and 9×12 size paper, my box of pastels, a small watercolor set, small vitamin bottle filled with water, a small container of rubbing alcohol, a rag, a pencil, eraser and a pocket camera.

For painters: Kathy’s cheap easel, plastic clipboard w/ 9×12 disposable paper, portable stool.







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