Flint Hills Again

Flint Hills November, pastel, 9x16 (framed, 18x24), ©Chris Willey
Flint Hills November, pastel, 9×16 (framed, 18×24), ©Chris Willey

I love this little piece. I loved this site. When we drove over the hill I was struck by that patch of green field against the drier grasses in the foreground.

As it often happens, this was just going to be a study — just play,  but as I worked, it became the finished piece. It often works best when we have no emotional or financial investment in the work, but we just are exploring. This was going to turn into an oil, but I think if that is what I want to do, I’m going to have to do an oil study. This is a case where pastels just work too differently.

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