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We Had a Great Acrylic Workshop!

I taught a two-day acrylic workshop this weekend. What a great bunch of students. They all came with enthusiasm, and ready to work. I was impressed at how good they got at mixing colors and thinking about design. We saw a lot of growth in just two days. To Loreta, Jean, Amy, Susan, Bev, Paulette, Linda, and Lana — I enjoyed you all.

Blue Patterned Fabric, acrylic, 10×10, ©Chris Willey

Chris (pink hoodie) demonstrating how to block in a painting



Painting block in. Acrylic on loose, primed canvas. Watch for the finished painting to follow later.



Everyone did a small copy of a portion of a painting. without knowing what it was. or how it fit together.

Loreta & Bev



Jean, Linda, Lana, and Paulette


Amy and Bev


Linda, Lana, Paulette, Bev, Amy, and Susan. Jean’s arm.




Linda, Lana


Paulette and Bev


Susan and Amy


2nd Still Life.


Paulette’s radishes

Lana and Linda's Paintings

Lana and Linda’s Paintings

Paulette at work

Paulette at work

Lana and Linda's Paintings

Lana and Linda’s Paintings

Susan's Painting

Susan’s Painting

Amy's painting

Amy’s painting

Bev's painting.

Bev’s painting.

Paulettes painting. She is deciding how to crop the painting with blue tape. She decided on a standard 9x12 size.

Paulette’s painting. She is deciding how to crop the painting with blue tape. She decided on a standard 9×12 size.

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March Show, Noyes Gallery, Lincoln, NE

Cassie Reclining, acrylic, 24×36, ©Chris Willey

Red & Green, acrylic, 18×24, ©Chris Willey

Bikini Girl, acrylic, 30×18, ©Chris Willey

I have three works exhibited as part of the collaboration with Les Femmes Folles, the group show, Femme Qui Bercent “Women Who Rock”, which debuted March 1st, at The Noyes Gallery in Lincoln, and moved to Top Shelf Wine Club for the month of April

In celebration of Women’s History Month, ten talented female artists created an event depicting not only the strength of the female artist, but also the beauty of the form, and power and integrity of the gender.

Artists Include:
Chris Willey
Sally Deskins
Rachel Mindrup
Amy Nelson
Pamela Conyers-Hinson
Sondra Gerber
Polly Plain
Jennifer Ghormley
Hope Dendinger
and Chairwoman Susan Woodford

Our featured Guests included: Fran Higgins and videographer Greg Higgins with an intimate portrayal of the artistic process behind the collaborations by Fran, Sally Deskins, and Rachel Mindrup.

Also, Les Femmes Folles Poetry Reading featured special guests: Sally Deskins, Rebecca Faber, Fran Higgins, Connie Spittler, Marilyn Coffey, Denise Brady, Deborah T. McGinn, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Rachael Wolfe and Cat Dixon to preview Les Femmes Folles: The Women, 2012, the second anthology of art, poetry and interview excerpts from

Work moved from Noyes Gallery to Top Hat Wine Club, Lincoln, NE



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Here is an article written by Sally Deskins about me. Thanks Sally.
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