Recent Work

One of the joys of being an artist is being able to visibly see change. It feels like a good period right now.  Carmel Gardens was an unresolved painting that sat in my studio for over a year. One day parts of it were cropped from view by stacks of other paintings — and there was the painting that it was meant to be. I unstretched it, and restretched it into its newer, smaller, better composition.

The markets are companion pieces, although one of the companions sold, so they are separated.

Summer Flower Market(1), oil, 24×24, ©Chris Willey. SOLD
Summer Market, oil, 24×24, ©Chris Willey


Summer Storm, oil, 24×24, ©Chris Willey
Carmel Garden, oil, 16×20, ©Chris Willey



Flint Hills Fall, oil, 18×24, ©Chris Willey



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