Figure Studies

Most Wednesday mornings between 9 and noon you’ll find me figure drawing with an amazing group of artists at the Buena Vista Studios in Roeland Park, KS. We do short poses from one minute to 20 minutes. Once a month on Saturdays I meet with another group of artists for longer poses. It keeps me looking, thinking, measuring, staying loose, and just drawing without concerning myself about the results. Sometimes we should just begin! Here is some of the work. To see more go to this link:

15 Minute Reclining Blond, charcoal on paper, ©Chris Willey

10 Minute Seated, charcoal on paper, ©Chris Willey

Jason Seated, charcoal on paper, ©Chris Willey

Blond Back, charcoal on paper, ©Chris Willey

15 Minute Reclining Woman, charcoal on paper, ©Chris Willey

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