New Mexico Plein Air Painting, September 2012

Went on a fabulous plein air painting trip with some other artists. I love traveling with other artists. Being surrounded with other artists in a new environment really encourages growth.

We are going to FRANCE the summer of 2014. You are invited along. Contact me if you are interested in going.

Here are some of the results of the New Mexico trip.

Sandia Mountains, Fall, oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey
Sandia Mountain Afternoon, oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey
Taos Fall Road, oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey
John Dunn Bridge Area, oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey
Cirrellos Arroyo, oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey
Taos Yellow Tree (September Plein Air), oil, 9×12, ©Chris Willey

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March 19, 2013 at 04:03 AM

okay these are all gorgeous!!! Please send them to me forthe keepsake video. I tried to nab them but couldn’t download, wouldhave done it to save you the trouble. get them to me pronto girlfried. I am so tired of working on this video. Hope youwill like it

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