Giverny Red Tree, Oil, 24×24, ┬ęChris Willey

Travel always affects my work. I see new light, I visit museums and galleries and see other artists, and on this trip, I traveled with other artists and we painted most every day. It is a great way to grow as an artist.

Summer 2014: We are doing two painting trips, with a maximum of 15 students on each trip: May 23 (depart from US) to June 5, 2014 OR June 13 (depart from US) to June 26, 2014. For more info Click here. Pick a date and contact us. If you want to be on the mailing list, message me with your email address. Use the contact form. Click here.

Can’t come, but want to experience France. Reserve a painting, or commission a larger painting upon return. If you reserve a painting ahead, you will get a large discount — 35%, because you are helping to finance my trip. And you will get first pick of the paintings created during and from the trip.


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